Teach business owners how to do

daily tasks in Quickbooks Online,
while helping them with bigger picture items

such as month end procedures, training, apps, and adjustments

Why hire a bookkeeper?

You have a dream and a passion to be self employed. You decided to start your own business because you are great at what you do and you want to put your personal flair and passion into your work.

A bookkeeper will help your business understand it’s numbers without spending a lot of time at it. We do what we love to allow you to do what you love. We will empower you do more with your business. To achieve more.


Hourly, monthly, and customized packages

Our bookkeeping services allow for an affordable and efficient way to get up-to-date and accurate bookkeeping records. Our Lethbridge-based team of bookkeepers provide a personal bookkeeping solution tailored to your business.

Onsite, Online, or remote bookkeeping

This makes it easier for you, the client to choose what makes things easier for your business, so that you can keep your focus on growing your business.

Getting Started

An initial ½ hr complimentary consultation is provided to go over the business and see if our bookkeeping services are a good fit for your business as well as mine.


Grow Your Business Package

3 Month Package: Guiding New Entrepreneurs by helping them learn the skills to do their own daily bookkeeping, while assisting them along the way.

  • A full setup of Quickbooks Online including subscription
  • GST/Payroll set up
  • Apps such as Receipt Bank, TSheets, or Drop Box setup
  • Month end tasks and up to 6 hours per month of help or adjustments

Back on Track Package

Monthly package: Tailored for a current business owner who has run a little behind on their financials or would like to have a bookkeeper who understands their business and help them stay up to date.

  • Up to 6 hours remote or onsite assistance per month with Quickbooks Online
  • Help with daily or monthly tasks
  • Clean up bookkeeping and fix errors
  • Setting up systems and office organization techniques
  • Feedback with monthly calls and/or short videos sent to your inbox to keep you up to date!

Know your Numbers

You have worked hard and your business. It’s up and running and no one really prepared you for the numbers side of things. You have all those receipts together and not sure what to do with them or you’ve been using one of the so-called easy software and it’s just not working out.

We keep you Organized

If crunching numbers and sorting receipts are not a good fit for you, it might be best to hire a professional. But why hire a bookkeeper? This is a question I get on a regular basis, as well as Why Blueberry? I believe the industry has business owners convinced that accounting software is easy and anyone can operate it. Or perhaps if that doesn’t work out, they need to hire an accountant to do their books. In order to properly get your taxes done at year end, a bookkeeper is your answer.

We keep you Informed

If your business happens to be taking a downward turn, your margins are getting tighter, or costs are skyrocketing, you need to know this information before things get worse. I know first hand how tight retail can be and the balance between costs and revenue and a small adjustment in margins can make a big difference.

A Low-Cost Employee

The bookkeeper can be an instrumental part of your team, without necessarily having to provide space in your office. Your bookkeeper can provide answers and monthly feedback if your business is heading in the direction you want.


Let’s work together

Benjamin Franklin said “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” Using a bookkeeper to track income and expenses throughout the year, instead of only at year end when you do your taxes, will not only help you with your cash flow management, it will also help prevent small leaks such as rising expenses and lowering margins.

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